Today’s HUH

8 09 2009

A true story. A group of white folks talking about the large influx of Latinos, particularly, into our Southern Sates. “When you are in the aisles of the supermarket, all you hear is Spanish.” , one said. Another lady very sincerely replied “I pray every night and thank the lord for letting me be born in America. I don’t think I could learn a foreign language”.


New Book

7 09 2009

My new book covers the same subject in depth. It is a free download to PC, Kindle, I-phon and others.
BEYOND, The End Of Faith by Lynn Dewey
Regards Lynn


7 09 2009

A HUH for the day :

The President is going to talk to our kids and tell them they should be good, study hard, stay in school, and salute the American flag. That provoked the right wind fanatics to an uproar. They say that the speech will be “nothing but liberal propaganda”. HUH ?

Hello world!

7 09 2009

The lack of ‘a clear head’ in this world is a numbing experience. Several books in recent years have laid out in depth, how this lack of mental capacity to intelligently guide our world affairs will ultimately destroy our civilization and likely soon. There is a big and powerful roadblock between the progress of caveman, us, and modernity. That roadblock is not exactly religion. It is what keeps religion in power. It is brainwashing by intimidation by the use of shame, guilt, and belittling. Like an addictive drug, adherents want ever more and more as they surrender their selves, minds, consciousness, courage, and the right to stand up and experience reality as an individual. We need a breakout from this powerful trap and solutions are hard to come by. I hope to propose several ideas in this Blog that might lead to that BREAKOUT.
Regards Lynn