About Beyond, The End Of Faith

4 10 2009

Out time of earth is short. We must be much more conscious to fully take advantage of it. Religions teach one surrender yourself and God will take care of you. (“Go to sleep, and you will no longer need to be responsible, God will be responsible for you.)


Brain Washed

25 09 2009

Excerpt from BEYOND
It should not be surprising that our race is a neurotic one. We are repeatedly told that we are too fat, too thin, nose too long, thighs too large, too smart, not smart enough, this taboo and that. As long as we permit B.F. Skinner responses to the dogma imposed upon us by the prevailing control agents in our lives, we will continue to be plagued with the gnawing anxieties and guilt of never being able to fully live up to the expectations of others. The heavy weight of this psychological brain washing overhead is a strong impediment to courage and encourages inferiority complexes.
Regards Lynn

Today’s Huh

24 09 2009

Oklahomans are great people so why do they keep electing the U.S. senators they do? One proclaims that Global Warming is nothing but a liberal conspiracy and the other now thinks that the use of porn leads to becoming homosexual.
Huh Huh Lynn

Excerpt from BEYOND

11 09 2009

Richard joins in again, “Bluewing, you did not answer to one powerful claim and question made by the young lady when, amongst other things, said something like ‘You can not know God unless you submit to him unconditionally, without reservations, and accept him fully into your heart. Only then, would you fully understand God and his grace.”

Frankly I have been trying to put that one out of my mind for several reasons. The most important reason being is that I would not wish to be strident or in the least insulting to any human for differences in our cultures. That said, the statement has been ringing in my ears because it contradicts everything we hold most dear and I would think that you should too. Since it has been asked twice now, I guess I will need to address it. The statement suggests a total surrender of everything of real importance that a sentient being is capable of. Think about it for a moment. The only difference between us and a toad or insect is a conscious mind. and all that it enables us to accomplish with our lives.

To simply give away all that and presumably for the mere reason to give comfort to your fears (and that only in your mind), is an insult to our gift of the potential to achieve great understanding and happiness in this world.

This idea of yours that seems to say that to receive the full services from your God, that you must first totally surrender and pledge compete obedience. Such subservience to anyone or anything is completely contrary to the beliefs of one brought up to be totally responsible for him/her self. You are begging your God to take care of you and thus take responsibility for you.
Regards Lynn

Today’s HUH

11 09 2009

And the President stated a fact and an idiot said “You are lying”

Brainwashed, Excerpt from BEYOND

9 09 2009

The brainwashing by ‘you are not worthy’ destroys an individual’s confidence and promotes the neurosis which allows manipulation and control. Therefore, what should we do? I would suggest that we, first of all, quite simply try to discourage the neurosis by reversing the causes of it. Discourage intimidation by subtle insults, the ever present promotions of unworthiness by guilt, shame, and particularly the idea that you will never be acceptable until some impossibility happens. We need a major promotion of the pursuit of rational thought.

Second of all, offer unqualified acceptance and respect to every individual of good and willing hearts. Promote their personal confidence and that will greatly promote a halt to their control and manipulation by others. This new freedom will allow them to recover their courage and allow them to pursue a rational course toward the awareness and appreciation of their reality. Most of these persons are of good heart. They just need someone to tell them it is all right to be rational. Someone needs to tell them also that it is the honorable thing to do.
Regards Lynn

Excerpt from chp 1, BEYOND, The End Of Faith

8 09 2009

It is the story of an extremely happy, gray haired little lady who bicycled up to a philosopher and his scholar friend and stopped to say hello. She was the very epitome of happiness. She had a smile from ear to ear and not a care or worry in her head.

She peddled off and the scholar friend explained to the philosopher, Decartes, that the lady had a relative in India who sent her a small vessel of holy water once a month. As long as she could say her prayers each morning and had a few drops of holy water to dot and sprinkle on her forehead, she was assured and totally confident that nothing but good things would happen to her for the rest of this life and next.

The friend asked Decartes to explain “How can you justify your lifetime study of philosophy and its’ lofty ideals and all it’s worrisome details when all you have to do is to follow in the footsteps of the lady on the bike? ” Her life could not possibly be happier. If the goal of life is merely one of being happy, then why could you not accept her way instead of yours with its’ concerns and deep study of your subject?”

Without any hesitation whatsoever, the Philosopher replies “Yes, but it is a happiness I do not desire.”