Excerpt from BEYOND

11 09 2009

Richard joins in again, “Bluewing, you did not answer to one powerful claim and question made by the young lady when, amongst other things, said something like ‘You can not know God unless you submit to him unconditionally, without reservations, and accept him fully into your heart. Only then, would you fully understand God and his grace.”

Frankly I have been trying to put that one out of my mind for several reasons. The most important reason being is that I would not wish to be strident or in the least insulting to any human for differences in our cultures. That said, the statement has been ringing in my ears because it contradicts everything we hold most dear and I would think that you should too. Since it has been asked twice now, I guess I will need to address it. The statement suggests a total surrender of everything of real importance that a sentient being is capable of. Think about it for a moment. The only difference between us and a toad or insect is a conscious mind. and all that it enables us to accomplish with our lives.

To simply give away all that and presumably for the mere reason to give comfort to your fears (and that only in your mind), is an insult to our gift of the potential to achieve great understanding and happiness in this world.

This idea of yours that seems to say that to receive the full services from your God, that you must first totally surrender and pledge compete obedience. Such subservience to anyone or anything is completely contrary to the beliefs of one brought up to be totally responsible for him/her self. You are begging your God to take care of you and thus take responsibility for you.
Regards Lynn




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