Brainwashed, Excerpt from BEYOND

9 09 2009

The brainwashing by ‘you are not worthy’ destroys an individual’s confidence and promotes the neurosis which allows manipulation and control. Therefore, what should we do? I would suggest that we, first of all, quite simply try to discourage the neurosis by reversing the causes of it. Discourage intimidation by subtle insults, the ever present promotions of unworthiness by guilt, shame, and particularly the idea that you will never be acceptable until some impossibility happens. We need a major promotion of the pursuit of rational thought.

Second of all, offer unqualified acceptance and respect to every individual of good and willing hearts. Promote their personal confidence and that will greatly promote a halt to their control and manipulation by others. This new freedom will allow them to recover their courage and allow them to pursue a rational course toward the awareness and appreciation of their reality. Most of these persons are of good heart. They just need someone to tell them it is all right to be rational. Someone needs to tell them also that it is the honorable thing to do.
Regards Lynn




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